Going beyond the Industrial Age System of School and Work
Edited by Katsuhiro Yamazumi, Yrjö Engeström, Harry Daniels

277 pages, hardbound. 2005.
ISBN 4-87354-420-3
Price: 3,465 JAPANESE YEN (with tax)

The material and communicative circumstances which obtain at this point in the beginning of the 21st century present new challenges for conceptions of learning. As the paradigm of mass production gives way to new forms of production and organization of work, also the worlds of learning are in search for new paradigms. If work is increasingly done in rapidly changing networks and partnerships of culturally diverse organizations, how can schools and other contexts devoted to learning prepare people for such practices? And perhaps more importantly, what kind of learning could generate critical and creative agency among learners, allowing them to take a leading role in the shaping of their own futures? In this book we bring together contemporary European, Japanese and Chinese responses to these new learning challenges.


1 School as Collaborative Change Agent
   Katsuhiro Yamazumi
2 Expansive Learning as Collaborative Concept Formation at Work?
   Yrjö Engeström, Auli Pasanen, Hanna Toiviainen and Vaula Haavisto
3 Studying Professional Learning for Inclusion
   Harry Daniels, Steve Brown, Anne Edwards, Jane Leadbetter, Deirdre Martin,
   David Middleton, Sarah Parsons, Anna Popova and Paul Warmington
4 Toward Dialogic Practice through Mediated Activity: Theoretical Foundation for Constructing Learning Community
   Manabu Sato
5 The Design Study as a New Culture of the Lesson Study
   Jun Oshima
6 Cultural-historical and Discursive Tools for Analyzing Critical Conflicts in Students' Development
   Annalisa Sannino
7 A Chinese Perspective on Cultural-historical Activity Theory
   Jianzhong Hong Ning Yang
8 An Approach from Discourse to Activity
   Futoshi Hiruma
9 Do Nexuses Bring Tolerance for Diversity?: Tolerance as a Result of Social Development in School
   Katsutoshi Yamazumi

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